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Real Analysis MCQs Quizzes

MCQs of Real Analysis With Answers

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Real Analysis MCQs Quiz With Answers in PDF

Real Analysis MCQs quiz with answers for online exam preparations. These real analysis multiple choice questions are collected from university past papers or most repeated questions in exams. Also, these quizzes are important for university entrance MCQ tests. Questions were randomly picked from university entrance tests that are common in different university exams. Also, this Quiz is important for job tests like FPSC, PPSC, or GAT as well as GRE.

Our expert team members visit different sites for real analysis but unfortunately, they could not find anything from us. So that’s why they decided to start a complete series of real analysis MCQs as well as other subjects like complex analysis or functional analysis.

Real Analysis Quiz.1

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Real Analysis MCQs Quiz.1

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1. For all a, b, c R , the property (a+ b)c = ac + bc is said to be?

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2. The identity (ab)¹/ⁿ  = (a)¹/ⁿ(b)¹/ⁿ is true for positive integer n and every pair of?

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3. There does not exist a rational number whose square is?

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4. If x ∈ Rⁿ and α ∈ R , then ||αx|| =?

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5. Two positive integers m₁, m₂ satisfying m₁ ≤ nx ≤ m₂, then there exists an integer ....... satisfying?

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6. The inequality |x. y| ≤ ||x|| ||y|| is known as?

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7. There does exist a rational number whose square is?

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8. For any three real numbers a,b, and c, the property a>b and b<c implies a<c is known as?

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9. The inequality (1+x)ⁿ ≥ 1+nx for n ∈ N and x≥1 is known as?

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10. Equality holds in Cauchy Schwarz inequality if?

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11. For any three real numbers a,b, and c, the property a<b and b<c implies a<c is known as?

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12. To get the complete set of real numbers, the gaps in rationale can be filled by the set of?

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13. The property x=y, x<y, and y<x is known as?

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14. The decimal fraction in which there is a finite number of digits in its decimal part is called?

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