Mathematical Structure for Computer Science – 7th Edition

Discrete Mathematics and its Applications;

There is a course on Mathematical Structure for Computer Science or Discrete Mathematical and its Applications for computer science and engineering students. This is the Seventh Edition was guided by Curricula 2013, and virtually all of the Core Tier 1 and Tier 2 topics for discrete structures from that document are included. Discrete mathematics(discrete structure) played a significant role in curriculum 68, this 68 curriculum is essential for Computer Science Guide. This Course visualizes the students with fundamental Algebraic, Logic and contributes to those subsequent related to Computer Science.

Course Content:

  • Formal logic
  • Proofs, inductions, & Number theory
  • Recursion, Recurrence Relations, and Analysis of Algorithm 
  • Sets, Combantircts and Probibality 
  • Relations, Functions, and Matrices 
  • Graphs and Trees 
  • Graphy Algorithm
  • Boolean Algebra and Computer Logic
  • Modeling Algorithm, Computations, and Languages 
  • Derivations Rules for Perpotional and Predicts Logics 
  • Summations and Product Notations
  • The Logrithim Functions  

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