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Introduction to Business Statistics 7th Edition – Ronald M. Weiers

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Business Statistics 7th Edition;

Business statistics is essential for your future personal and professional life in addition to your current academic degree. As a citizen, you will encounter statistics summaries and may even contribute to their creation. very important data evaluations for your local, state, nation, and global societies. Being a business professional, you’ll frequently have to confront using performance and achievement metrics that are statistical as well as with employers who will be looking to you to be able to use the most current statistical methods and computer tools, such as spreadsheet applications like Excel and statistics. When using these measurements, software programs like Minitab are helpful.

The chapters that follow are designed to be both informal and informative, as befits an introductory text in business statistics. You will not be expected to have had mathematical training beyond simple algebra, and mathematical symbols and notations will be explained as they become relevant to our discussion.

Following an introductory explanation of the purpose and the steps involved in each technique, you will be provided with several down-to-earth examples of its use. Each section has a set of exercises based on the section’s contents. At the end of each chapter, you’ll find a summary of what you’ve read and a listing of equations that have been introduced, as well as chapter exercises, an interesting mini case or two, and in most of the chapters—a realistic business case to help you practice your skills.

Course Content:

Part 1: Business Statistics: Introduction and Background
  • A Preview of Business Statistics (1)
  • Visual Description of Data (15)
  • Statistical Description of Data (57)
  • Data Collection and Sampling Methods (101)
Part 2: Probability
  • Probability: Review of Basic Concepts (133)
  • Discrete Probability Distributions (167)
  • Continuous Probability Distributions (205)
Part 3: Sampling Distributions and Estimation
  • Sampling Distributions (244)
  • Estimation from Sample Data (270)
Part 4: Hypothesis Testing
  • Hypothesis Tests Involving a Sample Mean or Proportion (311)
  • Hypothesis Tests Involving Two Sample Means or Proportions (364)
  • Analysis of Variance Tests (411)
  • Chi-Square Applications (467)
  • Nonparametric Methods (505)
Part 5: Regression, Model Building, and Time Series
  • Simple Linear Regression and Correlation (551)
  • Multiple Regression and Correlation (600)
  • Model Building (644)
  • Models for Time Series and Forecasting (687)
Part 6: Special Topics
  • Decision Theory (737)
  • Total Quality Management (758)
  • Ethics in Statistical Analysis and Reporting (Online Chapter)

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