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Topology MCQs Quiz

General Topology MCQs with Answers in PDF

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There is general topology MCQs with answers for exam preparation. Dream Mathematic provides you with all types of basic questions on topology which is important for topology final term exams. Also, we are providing material for competitive exams of job tests. Most students want to get higher marks in competitive exam but he/she doesn’t have better study material for preparations. So, we start a series of topology Multiple choice questions with answers. Other following topology MCQs quizzes are; Quiz.1, Quiz.2, Quiz.3.

Topology MCQs Quiz.4

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Topology MCQs Quiz.4

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1. Any collection of subsets of a non-empty set X form a?

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2. Which is a regular space?

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3. The class of singletons forms a base for the ......?

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4. There may exist a subbase for a discrete topology on a finite set that does not contain?

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5. Every 2nd countable space is?

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6. Collection of ....... intervals form a subbase for the relative topology on the unit interval [0,1]?

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7. For a collection to be a base of a topology on a set X, the intersection of any two members must be the ...... of members of that collection?

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8. A point p is a limit point of a subset A of a topological space X if and only if it intersects with every member of ....... containing p?

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9. Every metric space with metrizable topology is?

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10. Class of all open strips forms a sub-base for the usual topology on?

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11. On a topological space X, function f is continuous if and only if the inverse image of every member of ...... Y is an open subset of X?

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12. A separable metric space contains a(an) ...... base?

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13. Collection of all open strips ..... for usual topology on the plane?

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14. In a discrete topological space, every point has?

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15. Any collection of a non-empty set X form a subbase for?

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