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Functional Analysis MCQs Quiz

Functional Analysis MCQs Quiz With Answers in PDF

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functional analysis MCQs quiz.5

Functional Analysis multiple choice questions with correct answers for university final exams. Solved MCQs quiz of functional analysis better for the university entrance test. Dream Mathematic is a free online learning platform so our first priority is to provide students best study material for their better exam preparations. There are 200+ functional analysis MCQ quizzes for different types of computational exams. Also for job competitions tests like GAT and NTS. If you’re interested to complete your functional analysis MCQs quiz papers for university then must solve all MCQ quizzes. Quiz.1, Quiz.2, Quiz.3, Quiz.4.

Functional Analysis Quiz.5

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Functional Analysis MCQs Quiz.5

In the Functional Analysis MCQs Quiz, we are sharing Questions with you on Metric Spaces, Subsets, Banach space, and subspaces MCQs questions to help us to increase our knowledge.

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1. Define a metric d on a set X by d(x, y) = |x-y| , then X is?

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2. A complete subspace of R is?

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3. Define a metric d on a set X by d(x, y) = |x-y| , then X is?

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4. A subset M of a metric space X is said to be bounded if its ...... is finite?

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5. The set of all limits points of a set is called?

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6. The property d(x, y) ≥ of a metric space is called?

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7. If A & B be two overlapping sets in a metric space, then d(A, B) =?

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8. If A & B are two subsets of a metric space (X, d) and A ∩ B = Ø, then?

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9. If (X, d) be a metric space , then max{2,d(x, y)}

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10. Consider a set of real numbers R, then an example of a dense set in R is?

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11. Is d(x, y) = | 1/x - 1/y | metric on R?

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12. If " z " is a point in an open ball of radius " r " with center " x ", then?

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13. If (X, d) be a metric space , then min{2,d(x, y)}

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14. If {xₙ} and {yₙ} are sequences in a metric space such that xₙ→ x and yₙ→ y, then

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15. If a discrete metric space X is separable, then X is?

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