Functional Analysis MCQs Quiz.2

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Functional Analysis MCQs Quiz.2:

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Functional Analysis MCQs Quiz.2 With Answers

In the Functional Analysis MCQs Quiz, we are sharing Questions with you on Linear Operator, Bounded or unbounded linear operator, and Linear Functional Analysis MCQs questions to help us to increase our knowledge.

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1. Which of the following operator is bounded.

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2. If T : N → M is a bijective linear operator such that dim (N) = n and dim (M) = m, so

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3. A linear operator T : N → M is bounded iff || T || is:

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4. A normed space N is a Banach space if N is:

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5. If a linear functional f : N → F is bounded for all x ∈ N, then there exists k ≥ 0, such that

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6. The space of all bounded linear operator B (N, M) is Banach space if

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7. The space of all bounded linear functional on a normed space is called:

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8. A linear operator T: N → M is bounded if there is a k > 0 such that for all x ∈ N,

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9. Let N be a finite-dimensional normed space, then N is isomorphic to

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10. If a linear functional f : N → F is continuous if

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11. Let T: N → M be a linear operator then which of the following is correct.

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12. If the range of a linear operator is the underlying field, the linear operator is called:

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13. The inverse of a linear operator T exists if T is:

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14. Which of the following is a linear operator?

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15. Let the dimension of a normed space N is n, then the dimension of its dual space N* is:

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