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Mechanics MCQs Quiz

Fluid Mechanics MCQs Exams Questions With Answers

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Fluid Mechanics MCQs Exams Questions - Quiz.3

If you’re finding Fluid Mechanics MCQs for Exams or other test purposes like job tests, interviews, etc. We are providing you that most past papers repeated questions in these Mechanics quizzes. Most students demand Mechanics MCQs from our platform that’s why we are presenting these quizzes. 

In these, we are discussing different types of Mechanics, Rotational inertia, Linear Motions, Plan Motions, Generally free system,  Angular Velocity, Orbits of earth, Principle Axes of Rigid Body, Principle of Momentum, equipment of Hoop, etc.

Fluid Mechanics MCQs Quiz.1

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Fluid Mechanics MCQs Quiz.1

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1. The ------- or  ------ is defined as the force per unit area of the surface on which it acts?

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2. The bulk modulus of elasticity is used to measure the compressibility of ---?

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3. The compressibility of a fluid is a measure of the ------ under the action of external force.

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4. Fluid mechanics is the branch of ------- that deals with the behavior of fluids at rest or in motion.

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5. The standard temperature of the water is taken as?

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6. The intermolecular forces are strong in -------?

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7. A gas at ----- may be considered a continuum.

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8. Commonly temperature scales are?

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9. Heat flows from the region of ------ to one of ------.

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10. A fluid body is said to move with the fluid if the velocity at every point on the body's surface is the ------ as the velocity of the liquid at that point.

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11. For a fluid ------, the pressure is exerted equally in all directions.

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12. If a fluid exerts pressure against the walls of the container, then the container will exert a reaction on the liquid that will be -----.

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13. Fluids are usually divided into ---- groups.

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14. A fluid is a substance that deforms continuously when subjected to?

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15. Fluid mechanics may be divided into ----- categories.

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