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Complex Analysis MCQs Quiz

Complex Analysis MCQs Quiz.3

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Complex Analysis MCQs Quiz with answers

Complex Analysis is a primary subject for university students and also important for university entrance tests, So that’s we are sharing pdf MCQs on Complex Analysis. We are providing you with different MCQs Quiz for Mathematic students. These Complex Analysis MCQs tests include previous years’ entrance exams. And mostly collected from past papers of university exams and entrance tests.

Key Factors of Complex Analysis MCQs:

Our vision is to provide all students with valuable MCQ quizzes for complex analysis students who want to achieve the highest marks in the university final exams. Mostly multiple choice questions are collected from book topics and also from important theory statements.

Everyone knows that complex analysis is totally complex and most students are confused about this. Also, most complex analysis teachers also give complex analysis MCQs quiz in exam papers. So, that’s why we are sharing complex MCQ questions in our multiple choice questions quizzes.

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Complex Analysis MCQs Quiz.3

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1. A complex function w = f(z) is said to be ---- at a point zo if f is differentiable at a point zo and at every point in some neighborhood of zo.

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2. If f & g are continuous at a point z0, then the following functions are continuous at the point z0

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3. In complex numbers there are directions.

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4. In real limits there are directions?

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5. A complex function f is continuous on a set S if f is continuous for ---- zO in S

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6. A function f that is analytic throughout a domain D is called?

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7. The function f(z) = z2 is -----?

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8. A complex function f is continuous at a point zo  if  Lim z→z0 f(z) =?

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9. ----- functions are continuous on their domains?

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10. The complex function f is bounded on?

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11. A function that is analytic at every point z in the complex plane is said to be?

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12. ---- functions are continuous on the entire complex plane?

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13. A function f is analytic in a domain if it is analytic at ---- point in D.

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14. If a real function f is continuous on an ---- interval I on the real line, then f is bounded on I?

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15. The function f(z) = |z|2 is ----- ?

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