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Complex Analysis MCQs Quiz

Complex Analysis MCQs Quiz.2

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Complex Analysis MCQs Quiz With Answers

Complex Analysis of multiple choice questions for university exam preparations. These Complex Analysis MCQs quizzes are important for your university semester exams as well as job competitor tests. Mostly complex analysis questions are collected from past papers. That’s why these multiple choice question tests are important for your exams.

In this Complex Analysis MCQs Quiz, we discussed all complex numbers, the continuity of complex numbers, and the differentiability of complex analysis. All these Multiple choice questions are collected from past papers and solved by our expert mathematicians.

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Complex Analysis MCQs Quiz.2

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1. ----- is called the principle value of arg(z) or the principle argument of z.

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2. A subset " A " of " M " is said to be dense in " M " if the closure of " A " is?

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3. A sequence {xₙ} in a metric space X is said to be bounded if there exists a positive real number M and a point x ∈ X such that?

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4. A subset A of a metric space X is .... if and only if A intersects every open ball in X?

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5. Every domain is a region but every region is not a?

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6. A subset of a metric space is closed if and only if "A" is.

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7. A normed space N is a Banach space if N is:

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8. ----- functions are continuous on their domains?

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9. A subset U of a metric space X is said to be ---- if it contains an open ball about each of its points.

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10. A sequence {xₙ} in a metric space X is said to be a Cauchy Sequence if, for each ε > 0, there exists a natural number N such that for all i,n > N?

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11. The set of points defined by |z - z0 | ≤ ρ is a?

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12. A point x of X is called a ..... of X if for each neighborhood Nₓ of X , we have { Nₓ - {x} } ∩ X  ≠ φ?

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13. ---- functions are continuous on the entire complex plane?

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14. A real-valued function Φ of two variables x and y that has continuous ---- and ---- order partial derivatives in a domain D that satisfies Laplace's equation is said to be harmonic in D.

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15. If every point z of a set S is an interior point, then set S is said to be?

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16. A set in a metric space is ----  if its diameter is finite.

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17. ---- is a continuous smooth flowing line without a sharp turn?

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18. A simply connected domain has ---- in it?

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19. ( c0sθ + i sinθ)n = (cosnθ + i sinnθ) is known as?

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20. A point z at which a complex function w = f(z) fails to be analytic is called a ---- of f.

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21. A subset S of a vector space V is convex if and only if for all x,y ∈ X and for scaler a ∈ [0,1] we have?

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22. A subset M of a metric space X is said to be bounded if its ...... is finite?

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23. A subset of a metric space X consists of all those points of X whose distance from some fixed point of X is less than some fixed positive real number that is said to be.

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