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Funny Trivia Questions

200+ Funny Trivia Questions and Answers

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funny trivia questions with Answers

Funny trivia questions for kids with answers will make your kid’s trivia night very happy. There is a series of fun trivia questions for kids which boost your knowledge at the highest level. Solve all these carefully and with complete relaxation. All these questions are collected from different types of funny knowledge and also from interesting things. Also these trivia questions will make your brain clear mind and stronger.

Funny Trivia Questions Quiz.1

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Funny Trivia Questions Quiz.1

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1. The "Lone Star State" is the official nickname of what state?

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2. What European country has 158 verses to its anthem?

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3. What is the average size of a gorilla's butt?

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4. How many bricks are the Empire State Building made of?

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5. What country has a unicorn as part of its national emblem?

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6. In what country would one compete in a “wife carry race”?

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7. About how many languages are written from right to left?

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8. How many teeth does a dog have?

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9. In June in Wyoming, it is illegal to take a picture of what?

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10. Where do kiwi fruits originally come from?

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11. What flavor is Cointreau?

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12. How many years old is the oldest piece of chewing gum?

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13. What is strange about the reproductive system of male snakes?

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14. What sport has been played on the moon?

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15. When held to ultraviolet light, what animal’s urine glows in the dark?

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